It’s finally March, and you know what that means! No, I’m not talking about basketball, although we’re definitely fans here. No, it’s finally time for the year’s most anticipated bracket: Interior Design Madness 2018!

Here’s how it works: we partnered with our friends over at Hayneedle to bring you a sweet 16 Havenly designs for the first round of the tournament. Visit Design Madness HQ here  to vote for your champions, and we’ll randomly select a winner for a Full Room Design ($199 value) + $500 Hayneedle gift card! All the designs are so great, we like to think of this as the bracket that can’t ever be busted.

After a highly contested round of 16, we’ve narrowed down the competitors to eight elite designs, two in each of our conferences. Scroll down for a look at who’s competing.

Farmhouse Modern

It’s a battle of the beams[Interior Design]: Yoseika C.’s bright, white design versus Hannah C.’s cozy, festive space.

 Madness Elite Eight-01
Madness Elite Eight-01



Black is back! Dark walls reign supreme in this conference. Will Vivian T.’s neutral accent colors win, or will Elyza B.’s vibrant touches bring home the day?


We’re sensing a big wallpaper trend in Interior Design! Will Sarah J.’s dreamy clouds triumph, or will the subtle angles of Hannah J.’s design succeed?

Comfy, Cozy, Scandi

Both Interior designs use the same bookshelf, but will Kelcy C.’s bold black and white beat Karen R.’s subtle, layered neutrals?


We can’t wait to see who wins, although we don’t think anything could be a true upset with all of these gorgeous designs. Cast your vote for your favorites now!

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